Saturday, November 20, 2010

Our "Hole in ONE" Year Old!!

We had a birthday party for our sweet boy today (two weeks early of his actual birthday because my family was in town this weekend and we wanted them to be apart of it). The party theme was GOLF, go figure! I wish I had a better full body shot of Lincoln in his cute outfit but this was the best I could do. These adorable golf pants were made by his Nana.
There is a previous blog post about how strict I am with Lincoln having sugar. Well my mom taught me a very important life lesson at a very young age "All rules go out the window on your birthday" (which for her meant we didn't have to make our bed, we got breakfast in bed, and all diets were on hold for a day). So here's to you mom...All rules out the window...
Ok this picture is more of a side note, I half expected him to destroy this cake and then this picture came along as if he's asking with his eyes if its ok.
So he started off taking normal one year old sized bites. OK honestly, is this my son?
At first he was more worried about his hands being dirty.
And then the true Secor/Johnson came out of him and he went to town...
First by the handful...
And then by the fist-full
By far best picture, it pretty much speaks for itself.
Happy Birthday Lincoln!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I know I've been bad about blogging and I promise to get better once we get settled into an apartment but just to keep you updated here is a picture of Lincoln's first Halloween...We were Charlie Brown (Lincoln), Lucy (me), and Linus (Thomas). Just a little bit of information, when I looked up how to spell Linus online for this post it had a description of all of the characters (I did not know this before Halloween or else I probably would have chosen different Halloween costumes)
Charlie Brown- The main character; a loveable loser
Linus Van Pelt- Charlie Brown's blanket-toting best friend; Sally's love interest.
Lucy Van Pelt- Linus' older sister; a bossy girl.
Haha...Ooops! There's always next year. Sorry my "Loveable Loser"!
Love, "A Bossy Girl"

Saturday, September 18, 2010

2+1= FUN!!!

Lauren and Greg came to visit this last week from Texas and they brought along Lincoln's twin cousins Ethan and Kate. Here is a quick snap shot of what they did together...

Ring around the rosie (with Nana), A pocket full of posies,
Ashes! Ashes!
We all fall down!
Kate talked with Lincoln about what its like to be a big kid...
And Ethan taught Lincoln how to share...
Kate and Ethan...O wait, that's Kate and Lincoln sitting on their favorite "my size bench"...
We had so much fun with them this past week. We went to the beach, and played at the park and when the kids finally went to sleep at 7:30 exhausted from the day all of the grown ups stayed up playing card games till all hours of the night. They left Thursday to go back to Texas and though we enjoyed sleeping in on Friday, Linc didn't know what to do with himself the rest of the day...
Come visit again soon!!!!

The Beach

First time touching the water. It was kind of cold for him so he didn't like it very much. But after a few attempts he decided it was a lot of fun.
First time walking in the sand. At first he kept trying to lift his feet really high to get them out of the sand but after a few steps he was in love.
And this is one of my all time favorite pictures...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

Same Same

OK this is a cute picture of my twin boys but the truth is I had to put this post on because I didn't want the previous post to be the first thing you saw when you went to our blog.

Please Forgive Me!!

I would like to say before you read anymore, if you have a sensitive stomach or are easily offended please do not read this post. Also if you are one of Lincoln's Uncles please turn away now...I hope none of you think I'm a horrible Mother and I pray that one day when Lincoln knows better he will forgive me. My only excuse is that Lincoln's FEMALE cousin (the only female baby I had easy access to) was out of town this whole weekend and I needed a model for our Clemmie Sue Boutique pictures to post on Etsy. I guess these pictures pretty much speak for themselves.

Linc's First Beach Day!!

Uncle Thrine!!!

Please note now cute his shoes are!!Lincoln LOVES Matt!! He smiles every time he sees him.
Only a few of you actually know how hard it is to hold Linc with one hand. He's A LOT heavier than he looks! Way to show off Uncle Thrine! *Whenever Linc gets excited about something he automatically puts his thumb in his mouth, so this is his excited face...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

What happens on Olvera Street... gets blogged

So I'm one of those moms who is Nazi about not letting Linc have any sugar until he's at least a year. Today we made a trip down to Olvera Street and got carmel filled churro's (I know, go figure I won't let my kid have sugar). So anyways, after Thomas finished his churro he held Linc while I ate mine. What I was unaware of was that when Thomas took Linc from me he gave him a kiss. Most mothers would think that was a sweet gesture which is exactly what I first. Well, one kiss was all it took and the kid was HOOKED!! Thomas kept trying to talk to us as Lincoln kept licking the sugar off his lips.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

This picture is about two months old but I love it, Lincoln in his golf pants.

Let there be light

Lincoln doesn't crawl yet but he rolls all over the place. The other day he rolled right into some sun light and was absolutely mesmerized so he started poking the carpet with his finger
Just when he thought no one was looking (I was hiding under a table taking pictures) He decided to give it a lick

I took a bunch of pictures thinking it was pretty funny and that would be the end of it but the next day I set him on the ground while I was doing something and he went straight to licking the carpet again.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Swimming AKA Chillaxing

Thomas, Linc, and I decided it was time for a pool day. Lincoln quickly decided that swimming was over rated once he realized the chair did all the work.
Please note the crossed ankles...

The tale of the white dress with yellow polka dots

It started off innocent enough. We were at Jules and Clark's wedding reception so we were dressed to impress and that's about when it all went south in a hurry... Lincoln's cousin Harlow showed up in a mesmerizing white dress with yellow polka dots. Lincoln couldn't take his eyes off of it...
Next thing we knew he grabbed the dress and put his face in it...Then he would pull his face off of the dress and laugh. He repeated this non-stop for about ten minutes...
Until finally, Harlow's last picture of begging for someone to have pity on her and her cute dress...