Tuesday, July 31, 2012


This is the best day ever! And I need to remember it for all of those fun teenage years to come... Linc just gave me a huge hug and said "Mom?" "Yeah?" "You're my best friend!" How can you not smile about that! And post it for the world to see!! I love that boy!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Best Friends!

Lincoln's mission in life is to make Liam laugh which is perfect because there isn't anybody on this earth who is funnier to Liam than his brother! I took these pictures on three different days throughout last month the embarrassing/funny part about them is I happened to take the pictures everytime Liam and Lincoln were in the same outfit. I guess I like them wearing these outfits together? Not that they match each other at all. You can tell they're different days though because...Liam has graduated to helmet #2 halfway through!! Movin' on up!!!


We have had a ton of visitors these past two months! First we met up with Gramps and Nana down in St. George. Then Gram, Aunt Donna, and Ellie came to visit. Followed by Uncle Red and Aunt Stian. Then the next weekend my Dad (AKA Papa) and sister Julie came. And the following weekend was my Aunt Jill. The very next weekend we headed to California. We had such a fun trip and were able to see a lot of both families but the trips to California are never long enough. I apologize in advance I took a lot of pictures with my family and not with the Secors, Sorry!! We had BBQ's, lots of good food! Linc tried Sushi for the first time (he is my boy afterall because he loved raw Salmon!!), we went to a Dodger game and saw "Dwight" from The Office, we went on a boat around Balboa Island, we visited Grandparents, went shopping, among many other things!! What a fun trip!! Dodger Game...
Sushi! Linc mastered chopsticks!
Boat ride
We visited Darling and Bumpa along with my Grandma. Unfortunately I only got pictures of my Grandmas house and eating popsicles there.
Lincoln found a new favorite toy...a lifesize bear at Papa's house. Perfect wrestling buddy!!!


Start em young raise em right!! Love this picture! The sticker on his helmet is a trojan.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Linc's commercial

Here is the link to the sunglasses commercial Lincoln was in a year ago... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ug90fxl-3d8

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Check ups

Today we went to the Doctor for Liam's 4 month visit and Lincoln's 2 1/2 year visit. Liam is 18.1 pounds (95%) and 27 inches (97%). Lincoln is 33.4 pounds (85%) and 38.5 inches (96%). All in all we have two big healthy boys!! Just the way we like them!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


A few weeks ago we went to the Library and they had a fireman there teaching the kids about fires. Then afterwards the kids all got to go outside and see a real fire truck. Today I was giving Linc a bath when I all of the sudden started smelling smoke. I kind of panicked and ran out to our balcony. All I could see was smoke coming from the other side of our building. So I ran back inside grabbed Linc out of the tub and ran and grabbed Liam who was sleeping in his swing and rushed outside. Turns out someone had thrown their cigarette into some freshly laid bark on a really windy day and it caught three different sections next to our condo on fire. One of my neighbors was outside throwing glasses of water on it and another neighbor saw him and ran out his hose. Long story short, the firemen showed up and saved the day. We didn't get a shot of the firemen in action but we did get a picture with the fire truck! Please notice the wet hair and yes, I was in a panic and threw his dirty clothes back on him haha.

My Boys

This is my new favorite picture!!! I love these boys!! O and P.S. Lincoln's new obsession is bow ties. He goes everywhere with them but they are called "Minnie Mouse Bow-tique". O yeah, one more obsession of Lincoln's he now refers to himself as "Mickey Mouse" and I am "Minnie Mouse" and Thomas is "Wizard Pete" however Liam is just "Baby Liam". Not really sure where this one came from but its kind of nice because whenever I ask Linc to do something he doesn't want to do for example, throw away a diaper, all I have to do is then ask Mickey Mouse to throw it away and Linc will then say "O sure Minnie Mouse!"

Old Playdate at Liberty Park

This is an old play date that I forgot to post on here but we went to Liberty Park in Salt Lake. It was my first time going and it was amazing! We started off with feeding some ducks and then took a quick break to contemplate life... Then we played in the little paved streams they have throughout the middle of the park.

Library Petting Zoo

I don't know if I've already said this or not but Sandy has the ultimate Library activities! Today they had a petting zoo come to our library! Complete with a mini pony. We met Kira and JoJo there to pet some animals. And afterwards Linc posed himself for this adorable photo.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Surgery for Sagittal Craniosynostosis

Liam was born with part of his skull fused, also known as Sagittal Craniosynostosis. There are two different types of surgeries that can be performed for his condition. If the baby is young enough (which Liam was) you can have the endoscopic procedure done. In this procedure they make two slits in the head. One is in the middle of the head, one is in the back of the head. The doctor will then remove two inches by six inches of his skull so that his skull can grow properly. This picture was taken the day before surgery...Lincoln and William in Thomas' old clothes.
The day before surgery we went to the hospital to have Liam's bloodwork done and they branded him.
This is right before surgery. Kids hospital clothes are so cute!!
Right when Liam got out of surgery the nurses put a size 1 diaper on him and the next day his entire body had swollen up so bad they had to put him into a size 3.
Some head shots a couple of days later when the swelling went down a little more.
We were in the hospital Wed-Sat because he was having trouble eating. We finally took him off of the heavy duty medication which allowed him to wake up more and eat.
William has done way better than I ever expected with the surgery and recovery! He is such a happy baby!! He got his helmet two weeks after the surgery. The helmet is still taking some adjusting...for his parents, it is really hard to take on and off! Liam is a champ though! We are on a schedule for his helmet right now because he has to work up to wearing it 23 hours a day. Today he is doing 8 hours on, one hour off. Last night was his first night sleeping with it and he did pretty good. He woke up to eat a lot more than usual but he was able to sleep better than I thought he would. Tomorrow he will be wearing his helmet the full 23 hours!
Update: Liam is now a few weeks shy of 4 years old and he has no learning disabilities or vision problems. You would never know he had this procedure done aside from his scar in the back of his head which you can see if we cut his hair short.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

He's finally here!!

William Byron Secor was born Feb. 7th 2012. He weighed 7 pounds 15 ounces and was 22 inches long.
This was by far the easiest labor and delivery. I was induced at 8 AM, got an epidural around 10:30 AM and two pushes later William was born at 12:15 PM. My recovery was a lot easier this time around as well. The day after I had him, Thomas and I took a long walk around the entire hospital. Everything seemed to be going way too smoothly so I knew something was coming. William had Jaundice which wasn't a big deal (Lincoln had it too) but the Doctor was starting to get concerned that his Jaundice wasn't going away after the normal first week of life. I am happy to report that after 3 weeks of yellow skin, an at home tanning bed, and lots and lots of heal pricks as of yesterday his Jaundice is finally under control.
During one of our Doctor visits for the Jaundice our Doctor was checking out William and found an irregularity with his skull. The next day we found ourselves at Primary Childrens Hospital with our week and a half year old baby getting a CT scan. They found out that he has Sagittal Craniosynostosis. Basically the top plates of his skull have already fused together where they're not supposed to. If this problem went unfixed it could produce pressure on the brain resulting in vision and mental problems among other things. We met with the skull specialist yesterday and we have surgery scheduled for April 18th. They will have to cut out a 2 in. X 5-6 in. portion of his skull and he will have to wear a helmet for 10-12 months. This has been completely unexpected and kind of scary but we feel that it is necessary and William will be in the absolute best care.
Besides the medical scares William has been the best baby! He only cries when he is hungry or needs to burp. We've nicknamed him Will the Chill which basically sums up his sweet personality. We are so excited for William to finally join our family and we are already so in love with him!!!