Monday, August 23, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

Same Same

OK this is a cute picture of my twin boys but the truth is I had to put this post on because I didn't want the previous post to be the first thing you saw when you went to our blog.

Please Forgive Me!!

I would like to say before you read anymore, if you have a sensitive stomach or are easily offended please do not read this post. Also if you are one of Lincoln's Uncles please turn away now...I hope none of you think I'm a horrible Mother and I pray that one day when Lincoln knows better he will forgive me. My only excuse is that Lincoln's FEMALE cousin (the only female baby I had easy access to) was out of town this whole weekend and I needed a model for our Clemmie Sue Boutique pictures to post on Etsy. I guess these pictures pretty much speak for themselves.

Linc's First Beach Day!!

Uncle Thrine!!!

Please note now cute his shoes are!!Lincoln LOVES Matt!! He smiles every time he sees him.
Only a few of you actually know how hard it is to hold Linc with one hand. He's A LOT heavier than he looks! Way to show off Uncle Thrine! *Whenever Linc gets excited about something he automatically puts his thumb in his mouth, so this is his excited face...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

What happens on Olvera Street... gets blogged

So I'm one of those moms who is Nazi about not letting Linc have any sugar until he's at least a year. Today we made a trip down to Olvera Street and got carmel filled churro's (I know, go figure I won't let my kid have sugar). So anyways, after Thomas finished his churro he held Linc while I ate mine. What I was unaware of was that when Thomas took Linc from me he gave him a kiss. Most mothers would think that was a sweet gesture which is exactly what I first. Well, one kiss was all it took and the kid was HOOKED!! Thomas kept trying to talk to us as Lincoln kept licking the sugar off his lips.