Friday, July 27, 2012

Best Friends!

Lincoln's mission in life is to make Liam laugh which is perfect because there isn't anybody on this earth who is funnier to Liam than his brother! I took these pictures on three different days throughout last month the embarrassing/funny part about them is I happened to take the pictures everytime Liam and Lincoln were in the same outfit. I guess I like them wearing these outfits together? Not that they match each other at all. You can tell they're different days though because...Liam has graduated to helmet #2 halfway through!! Movin' on up!!!

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Lauren Packer said...

Those are too cute!
Although I will say that whenever people say that their little one laughs at the things their older one does, I want them to fight them a little bit. Drew has been scared to death of the twins from day one. Only recently is he starting to warms up.
Liam looks maybe just a little bit Secor in the first picture. Maybe.
Again, CUTE!