Saturday, July 31, 2010

This picture is about two months old but I love it, Lincoln in his golf pants.

Let there be light

Lincoln doesn't crawl yet but he rolls all over the place. The other day he rolled right into some sun light and was absolutely mesmerized so he started poking the carpet with his finger
Just when he thought no one was looking (I was hiding under a table taking pictures) He decided to give it a lick

I took a bunch of pictures thinking it was pretty funny and that would be the end of it but the next day I set him on the ground while I was doing something and he went straight to licking the carpet again.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Swimming AKA Chillaxing

Thomas, Linc, and I decided it was time for a pool day. Lincoln quickly decided that swimming was over rated once he realized the chair did all the work.
Please note the crossed ankles...

The tale of the white dress with yellow polka dots

It started off innocent enough. We were at Jules and Clark's wedding reception so we were dressed to impress and that's about when it all went south in a hurry... Lincoln's cousin Harlow showed up in a mesmerizing white dress with yellow polka dots. Lincoln couldn't take his eyes off of it...
Next thing we knew he grabbed the dress and put his face in it...Then he would pull his face off of the dress and laugh. He repeated this non-stop for about ten minutes...
Until finally, Harlow's last picture of begging for someone to have pity on her and her cute dress...

Update on our little man

First of all I would like to start off with a disclaimer, this picture was taken about a third of the way through Lincoln's breakfast just after Daddy had thrown in the towel. I guess he didn't think Linc's "raspberries" (I guess that's what they're called when you stick out your tongue and blow spit everywhere) were as funny as Linc thought they were. I would like everyone to know that his MOTHER did NOT feed him before this picture was taken.
Now that we have that out of the way I would like to update you a little bit on Lincoln. He is currently 7 1/2 months old and weighs as much as a kindergardener. He has two teeth on the bottom, middle. He now attempts to say 3 words...Haaa means HI, Mama means well this ones easy it means MAMA, and Baaa or Balllllll with way too much tongue added into the llll part means BALL. So the last couple of mornings we've woken up to Mamamamamamama and finally when one of the two of us gives in and gets him out of bed he'll look at you and say ballllllll. Which of course is too cute and so you run downstairs to play ball with him.
He LOVES water!!! He doesn't care if its a bath or swimming he loves them both and thinks splashing is the funniest thing in the world. His favorite song is itsy bitsy spider and no matter now mad or upset he is if you start singing this to him with the hand motions he'll forget all about it, that is of course until the song is over. He LOVES going on walks and another trick is if he's ever upset you can just hold him and walk outside and he'll instantly calm down. He never just stands, he marches side to side and he loves to roll, if you set him down in one spot you can never expect him to be there the next time you look at him. He thinks that balls and bath toys are the two greatest gifts in life.
We've started feeding him baby snacks (little flavored puffs or his favorite freeze dried yogurt bites) but he hasn't quite got a hang of the whole "pick up food with your fingers and put it in your mouth" part. So I've been trying to teach him how to do it by putting a snack in my hand for him to pick up with his fingers but instead every time he'll eye the prize, open his mouth, and face plant right into my hand. Hey, whatever gets the job done as long as he's not still doing this in elementary school when a friend offers him candy I think we're ok for right now.

Aunt Jill teaching Linc the important things in life...

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lincoln's turning into a man!!!!!!!

He can now stand holding onto things...He has officially given up his pacifier (out of necessity he would put the entire thing into his mouth and start choking so we went off of it cold turkey the same week he had his first two teeth coming in) and he now drinks out of a sippy cup...
But the most concerning part for me as a parent is that he still has no hair on his head but he has started growing it in other random places...